The ability to handle a firearm in a responsible and decisive manner is the best way to prevent tragic accidents from happening, to deter an assailant, or, if all else fails, to defend oneself.

At the Maryland Gun Training Center, we believe that safe and competent handling of a firearm is paramount for any responsible, law-abiding gun owner.

Gun ownership by itself may not necessarily make you or your family safe.

The primary mission of our Center is to provide students with the best training and education available in all aspects of handling, storing, and using firearms.

We help gun owners gain confidence in operating firearms, improving their level of marksmanship.

All our instructors are fully certified and licensed by the Maryland State Police and the National Rifle Association of America.

Our school offers HQL (Handgun Qualification License) and Maryland Handgun Wear & Carry License classes approved and licensed by the Maryland State Police and a whole range of firearm safety and handling classes approved by NRA

Whether your goal is to learn the basics or to become a competitive shooter we will help you achieve it.